2 Months

Logline - 2 young adults in Brooklyn agree to a contract where they must date each other for at least but no more than 2 Months whether it's good or bad. 

Comparable Films

Main Characters

  • Julian - late 20's early 30's. An aspiring Cinematographer.  Julian is hopelessly ambitious but also kind.  He believes his contract idea to be one of mutual efficiency and doesn't see any flaws in the emotional complications.  Casting reference choice - Joseph Gordon Levitt
  • Wendy - late 20's, A fine art painter / teacher with plans to leave town.  She agrees to the contract only because she has plans to move out of NY soon anyway.  Casting reference choice - Jess Wexler

Film Summary

2 Months is a NY "Gen-Y" Love story.  It is a cross between Living In Oblivion and Breaking Upwards.  It's a romantic comedy set in Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.  

The film focuses on a young film professional who meets the girl of his dreams by accident.  He has a quirky habit of only dating women for 2 months at a time and pitches each first date with that proposal to contract that they date and end the relationship in 2 months whether it's going well or not.

He successfully ropes Wendy, a painter into the proposal unaware that she has plans to move to Europe by the end of the summer anyway which is why she agrees.  Love takes them both by surprise and they are faced with a decision to let their passion for each other or their careers guide their choice to break up or not.

The film is  full of funny moments for an "inside industry" audience of those working in low budget filmmaking.  Like Living in Oblivion the film will have many satirical scenes poking fun of what it's like for a group of filmmakers working under very low budget scenarios.  A soundtrack has been assembled below for you to hear what the music of choice for the film would be scene by scene.  This will establish the intended tone of the film.


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