Below are 8 pitches of feature scripts of different genres and budgets that we own the copyright for.  If you are interested in reading a script or seeing a pitch pack contact us for further details.   



Log Line -  An estranged father and engaged daughter spend one last week at their summer house in Nantucket before it washes away due to beach erosion

Comparable films:

Main Characters - 

  • Jim - Late 50s  Retired finance entrepreneur, Widower, father of Katherine.   Intimidating yet warm  Casting Example - Clint Eastwood during Bridges of Madison County age.
  • Katherine - early 20's Smart Suburban hipster.  Quirky good looks, quick wit. Casting Example would be Ellen Page.  Young Parker Posey.
  • Willow - 15  Willow is like a younger impulsive Katherine smart but lacking a filter.  Says what she wants and does what she wants.  From wealthy parents but she's "over it".  Casting example would be a young Natalie Portman (Anywhere but Here)

Film Summary:

Breakwater is a feature length family drama set in Nantucket Massachusetts.   Katherine is visiting her single father for one last summer in Nantucket.  Katherine is struggling with her fathers new girlfriend, her own impending marriage proposal, a potential career change and the inevitable destruction of their vacation home due to beach erosion. 

During this last trip home she meets Willow a young disaffected teen whom she befriends and mentors through her own emo angst and together they form an unlikely friendship with some twists and turns.

The film is a quiet drama that  tells the story of fathers and daughters and their often complicated relationships strained by emotional and physical distances.  

Dramedy (Romantic)

 "Netflix" categories - Drama, Independent

"Netflix" categories - Drama, Independent

Find – Replace

LogLine - A couple host a 3 day getaway for all there 30 something single friends. 2 strangers win a raffle for a weekend trip to Vegas on the first night.  The others party for 3 days. 

Comparable Films:

Main Characters - (party hosts)

  • Julie . “Greta Gerwig” type. Julie, 38 is a co-host of the party. She's married to Steve. Julie is a general practicioner who also does interior decorating. Her and Steve have an open relationship. Been together  for seven years.
  • Steve – “Luke Wilson type” 43 Steve the other co-host, married to Julie, Steve is a therapist, workaholic.  They throw this party for their friends so they can hook everyone up but also so that they can potentially find a third for Julie who is itching  for a new female partner.

There are 12 more characters, (6 couples are formed during the course of the film out of the party attendees).

Film Summary

A young couple hosts a dinner party at their summer house in upstate NY.  All of the guests arrive with a packed suitcase and $100.  The money is pooled to cover a raffle that occurs on the first night of the weekend.  Two tickets to Vegas are raffled off and the lucky winner must pick someone from the party that they’ve just met to go with them for the weekend.  The others stay at the house and have a weekend party getaway, hence the suitcases

The film follows the couple in Vegas, the house party and one partygoer who gets lost in the woods on the very first night.  All 3 stories are character sketches in which the subjects discover something about themselves and what they are truly looking for out of a significant other.  The title kind of is an in joke with writers but it represents that mid 30's crisis that many couples go through where they're ending their first marriage or first big relationship and trying to recast that really important person.

Suspense / Thriller

 "Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Independent, Drama, Gay & Lesbian

"Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Independent, Drama, Gay & Lesbian


Logline - A special forces undercover soldier turns the tables on a fashion photographer who abused a model friend of hers during a photo shoot.

Comparable Films

Main Characters

  • Naomi - Mid 20's beauty.  Smart, strong moral compass but also slightly off.  Anger management issues.  Raised by a military father.  Best friends since childhood with Janice, her friend who went into Modeling.  Casting Choice -  Kiera Knightley
  • Rick - Late 40's Aging Hipster. NY Fashion Photographer.  Infamous for mistreating his models.  He's a cliche in the industry but still must exhude charm to get by.  Casting choice - Walt Goggins
  • Janice- Mid 20's model  Beautiful but fragile.  She gains strength from Naomi and must eventually provide closure for herself through Ricks demise.  Casting choice - Mia Wasikowska

Film Summary

Paradigm is a horror/suspense thriller.  This film touches on gender politics, sexual exploitation and abuse in the military and fashion world.

The story is about Janice and Naomi who were best friends since their teens.  Grew up together.  Would lay down in traffic for each other.  Always looking out.  

They chose radically different career paths.  Janice went into modeling.  Naomi went into  the military.  They are are reunited one night when Naomi schemes a way to get back at someone who attacked Janice.  

Naomi who's beautiful poses as a model trying to break into the biz  and attracts the attention of Rick by bumping into him one day near his studio.

Rick takes the bait and they have this impromptu photo session where Rick gets out of line and Naomi turns the tables on him and tortures and, humiliates him.  

The film is both a cathartic rollercoaster ride for models who suffered abuse at the hands of a photographer and it's also a cautionary tale for any photographer in the fashion world who has ever thought about crossing the line during a photo shoot.

Comedy / Sexy

 "Netflix" Categories - Thriller, Suspense, Action, Horror, Drama, Independent

"Netflix" Categories - Thriller, Suspense, Action, Horror, Drama, Independent


Logline - A couple host an erotic evening for a guest star who brings out their more adventurous sides.

Comparable Films and shows:

Main Characters:

  • Linda - Late 30's Suburban Milllenial Mom without the kid.  She's an advice columnist.  Casting Choice - Miranda July
  • Dave - Early 40's Portfolio manager.  Athletic on the weekends.  Camper, Casting choice - Chris O'Dowd
  • Julia - late 20's aspiring actress, cooking student, blogger etc.  Casting choice - Kat Dennings

Film Summary:

Unicorn s an indie comedy.  With most of the film only needing the 3 primary characters and one location, it's an affordable production.

It's a romantic comedy with adult themes and will push boundaries as far as what people have seen in romantic sex comedies. It is a film about a couple who host an evening with a 3rd.  The unconventional introduction of a 3rd party in the bedroom of most couples is often referred to as the Unicorn.  This moniker reflects the difficulty most couples experience in finding a guest star that they both find attractive and interesting enough to bring home with them.  

Unicorn is a light hearted sexy comedy about the awkwardness and the excitement that comes from taking risks, exploring and pushing the limits of trust in yourself and your partner.

Comedy Romantic / Indie

 "Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Romance, Steamy Romance, Independent, Drama

"Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Romance, Steamy Romance, Independent, Drama

2 Months

Logline - 2 young adults in Brooklyn agree to a contract where they must date each other for at least but no more than 2 Months whether it's good or bad. 

Comparable Films

Main Characters

  • Julian - late 20's An aspiring DP.  Julian is hopelessly ambitious but also kind.  He believes his contract idea to be one of mutual efficiency and doesn't see any flaws in the emotional complications.  Casting choice -Joseph Gordon Levitt
  • Wendy - late 20's A painter with plans to leave town.  She agrees to the contract only because she'll be gone anyway.  Casting choice - Jess Wexler

Film Summary

2 Months is a NY "Gen-Y" Love story.   It’s a romantic comedy set in Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The film focuses on a young film professional who meets the girl of his dreams by accident.  He has a quirky habit of only dating women for 2 months at a time and pitches each first date with that proposal to end the relationship in 2 months whether it’s going well or not.

He successfully ropes Wendy, a painter into the proposal unaware that she has plans to move to europe by the end of the summer anyway which is why she agrees.  Love takes them both by surprise and they are faced with a decision to let their passion for each other or their careers guide their choice to break up or not.

The film is a story full of funny moments for an “inside industry” audience of those working in low budget filmmaking.  Like Living in Oblivion the film will have many satirical scenes poking fun of what it’s like for a group of filmmakers working under very low budget scenarios.


 "Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Romance, Independent, Drama

"Netflix" Categories - Comedy, Romance, Independent, Drama

Start Up

Logline - A young actor returns to his suburban home a superstar but his old flame's secret may put his new fame and fortune at risk.

Comparable films

Characters - 

  • Peter -  Young 20's Everyday boy next door type.  He was a Disney star who finally got his big Hollywood break and is now a teen idol.  Casting Choice - Ellar Coltrane
  • Christina - Young 20's Peter's long lost childhood sweetheart. Now a schoolteacher living in the city near his old suburb.  Casting choice - Andrej Pejic
  • Ethan - Mid 20's NYC Hipster comic.  He is a true grifter and forms this agency repping and promoting musicians and actors via the help of a hacker team.  Casting choice - Emile Hirsch

Start Up is an indie feature drama with LGBT themes.  It tells the story of successful young actor Peter who returns home for the holidays and what that experience is like for him when he reunites with family and friends who are unable to cope with his new fame and fortune.  The only one unaffected is his long lost love Christina whom he is reunited with and for whom he still harbors feelings for.

Meanwhile we also meet Ethan and his team of geeks/hackers and hipsters whom he employs to help launch the careers of aspiring actors and musicians through any means necessary   Peter is their first client and his success carries fortune as well as an unwelcome burden when Peter is forced to choose between a career in Hollywood and staying true to his own artistic and personal preferences.

The film is intended for an adult audience of bi-coastal aspiring talent.  The target demographic is an audience who enjoys independent art-house cinema  There are LGBT themes in the story and it does carry a certain potential to be labeled and thrown into that category of cinema but it is not primarily a political film.  It’s a love story along with a commentary on todays obsession with fame and success.

Sci - Fi, Thriller

 "Netflix" Categories - Independent, Gay & Lesbian, Drama, Comedy

"Netflix" Categories - Independent, Gay & Lesbian, Drama, Comedy


Logline - A group of activists uncover a global plot to move certain members of society underground before the atmosphere becomes uninhabitable..

Comparable films

Characters - 

  • Martin -  Young 30's Photographer, athletic.  Brilliant.  He is a loner who freelances shooting couples vacations and trips undercover .  Casting Choice - Younger Ethan Hawke
  • Paul - Young 30's Martin's  long lost childhood school buddie. Now a political consultant.  Every day sort.  Charming and sincere.  Casting choice - Topher Grace
  • Julie - Young 30's Pauls wife.  Schoolteacher.  She is a beauty who captures Martins affections and must deal with their growing attraction when Paul is caught up in a violent plot against him and a group of young activists working with Anonymous. Casting choice - Maggie Gylenhaal

Underland is a sci-fi feature that is Pre-apocalyptic. One can imagine it as a prequel to George Lucas’s first film THX11-38.  It tells the story of how we all ended up underground in the first place.

The earth is becoming less and less habitable and preparations have already begun for those in the know to exist and continue society underground.  

This is the story of one groups fight to alert the public of the coming crisis and those underground who are already prepared and are trying to stop them.

The film is a suspense thriller but with some funny lighter moments throughout.  It’s likely an R-rated film due to language and violence but it is video-game Matrix style violence which will not disturb most viewers.  The tone is sophisticated however and it will reach both the sci-fi “comicon” crowd as well as the middle american multi-generational audience.

The story is easily adaptable to mini-series format and leaves off with a cliffhanger ending that will allow for a sequel or trilogy development.


 "Netflix" Categories - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama

"Netflix" Categories - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama

Small Talk is a feature film documentary which will contain interviews with general public and celebrities, 2 animated sequences .   In the US we have a general policy that one doesn't discuss any of those 3 infamous topics; Religion, Politics or Sex in the company of strangers and acquaintances. They are taboo and reserved for private discussions with people we know or trust, doctors, clergy, close friends, family, etc.

The film is divided into the 3 topics mentioned but each will be broadened. Sex will include relationships, Politics will include economics, Religion will include philosophy. Ordinary people will answer questions on all 3 topics but "experts" need only answer questions pertaining to their field unless they would like to participate in the other topics.

Beyond avoiding those 3 topics, something Americans are known for is our pursuit of small (empty) talk. Banter, or "riffing". We have a general policy of avoiding getting too "real", heavy or intellectual most of the time about many subjects. At least in conversation. Small Talk will capture the cultural zeitgeist as it pertains to these three topics but in a way that hasn't been done before. It will do what Life in a Day did but in a more articulate focused manner. Subjects will open up directly on these issues and discuss things that bother them, that inspire them and that wish they could change about themselves or the culture

 "Netflix" Categories - Documentary

"Netflix" Categories - Documentary

Additional Feature Film Projects completed and available to read:

A Childs Tear (Adaptation owned.  Book Rights pending) 

A Childs Tear is a drama that can be described as a modern day "Ordinary People".  It follows the journey of a young man struggling with mental illness.  Leo is hospitalized after a nervous breakdown and while there he is encouraged by his therapist to keep a journal which becomes a flashback account of how he arrived there.  It begins at his childhood in the 70's and goes up to the late 90's.  A 90 page script based on a 500 page novel.  It is very close in scope and tone to the movie A Home at the End of the World.


Roam is a comedy about a mid life gay couple who are vacation camping in Yosemite when they awake to find their RV has been stolen.  They must track it down across country.  It's a road movie about the journey they take, the characters they meet and the absurdity they encounter.