Find - Replace

Find - Replace is a feature length dramedy set in one location with an ensemble cast.  Estimated budget is $250k - $500K   It is a dramedy along the lines of The Big Chill but without the suicide.

A young couple is hosting a dinner party at their summer home in upstate NY.  All of the guests arrive with a packed suitcase and $100.  The money is pooled to cover a raffle that occurs on the first night of the weekend.  Two tickets to Vegas are raffled off and the lucky winner must pick someone from the party that they've just met to go with them for the weekend.  The others stay at the house and have a weekend party getaway hence the suitcases 

The film follows the couple in Vegas, the house party and one partygoer who gets lost in the woods on the very first night.  All 3 stories are character sketches in which the subjects discover something about themselves and what they are truly looking for out of a significant other.  There will be adventure, excitement, humor and heartbreak throughout.