Small Talk

A feature film documentary which will contain interviews with general public and celebrities, 2 animated sequences and has a proposed budget of about $65,000 to $100,000.   In the US we have a general policy that one doesn't discuss any of those 3 infamous topics; Religion, Politics or Sex in the company of strangers and acquaintances. They are taboo and reserved for private discussions with people we know or trust, doctors, clergy, close friends, family, etc.

The film is divided into the 3 topics mentioned but each will be broadened. Sex will include relationships, Politics will include economics, Religion will include philosophy. Ordinary people will answer questions on all 3 topics but "experts" need only answer questions pertaining to their field unless they would like to participate in the other topics.

Beyond avoiding those 3 topics, something Americans are known for is our pursuit of small (empty) talk. Banter, or "riffing". We have a general policy of avoiding getting too "real", heavy or intellectual most of the time about many subjects. At least in conversation. Small Talk will capture the cultural zeitgeist as it pertains to these three topics but in a way that hasn't been done before. It will do what Life in a Day did but in a more articulate focused manner. Subjects will open up directly on these issues and discuss things that bother them, that inspire them and that wish they could change about themselves or the culture.