Start Up

Start Up is an indie feature drama with an intended budget of 750k to 1.2 million.  It tells the story of a successful young actor Peter who returns home for the holidays and what that experience is like for him when he reunites with family and friends who are unable to cope with his new fame and fortune.  The only one unaffected is his long lost love Christina whom he is reunited with and for whom he still harbors feelings for.

Meanwhile we also meet Ethan and his team of geeks/hackers and hipsters whom he employs to help launch the careers of aspiring actors and musicians through any means necessary   Peter is their first client and his success carries fortune as well as an unwelcome burden when Peter is forced to choose between a career in Hollywood and staying true to his own artistic and personal preferences.

The film is intended for an adult audience of bi-coastal aspiring talent.  The target demographic is an audience who enjoys independent art-house cinema  There are LGBT themes in the story and it does carry a certain potential to be labeled and thrown into that category of cinema but it is not primarily a political film.  It's a love story along with a commentary on todays obsession with fame and success.