Underland is a sci-fi feature written with a budget of 5-8 million in mind.  One can imagine it as a prequel to George Lucas's first film THX11-38.  It tells the story of how we all ended up underground in the first place.
The earth is becoming less and less habitable and preparations have already begun for those in the know to exist and continue society underground.  
This is the story of one groups fight to alert the public of the coming crisis and those underground who are already prepared and are trying to stop them.
The film is a suspense thriller but with some funny lighter moments throughout.  It's likely an R-rated film due to language and violence but it is video-game Matrix style violence which will not disturb most viewers.  The tone is sophisticated however and it will reach both the sci-fi "comicon" crowd as well as the middle american multi-generational audience.
The story is easily adaptable to mini-series format and leaves off with a cliffhanger ending that will allow for a sequel or trilogy development.